Case Study 2

Barcelona (Spain)
Barcelona (Spain)


Barcelona (Spain)


The Ter Drinking Water Treatment Plant (TDWTP) is managed by
Ens d’Abastament d’Aigua Ter-Llobregat (ATL), and provides drinking water for the city of Barcelona and metropolitan area. The plant has been operating since 1966 and its capacity is 691,200 m3/day.

Barcelona (Spain)

Key facts

  • The plant receives water from the Ter River catchment after being dammed by a series of three dams.
  • The plant can store 557.664 m3.

Expected activities

  • Host three UV-VIS sensors and install a MITO3X® pilot plant (including fluoro-absorbance sensors for process control) to optimize pre-treatment.
  • One fluorescence sensor will be installed in the source reservoirs.

Partners involved