Case Study 4

County Mayo (Ireland)
County Mayo (Ireland)


County Mayo (Ireland)


This Case Study includes a cluster of three small Group Water Schemes located in County Mayo, supplying rural communities. The utilities are co-operative schemes which are privately managed and are represented by the National Federation of Group Water Schemes, which are located near to each other in catchments, with a high prevalence of peatland and it extract.

County Mayo (Ireland)

Key facts

  • There are three Group Water Schemes (GWS) included in the study:

    • GWS 1 extracts its water from a 63 ha lake serving approximately 850 households.
    • GWS 2 extracts its water from two interconnected lakes and serves approximately 1900 homes and commercial premises. Treatment involves screening, sand filtration in combination with UV and chlorination.
    • GWS 3 abstracts water from a mountain stream which supplies approximately 630 households and uses a treatment combination of medial filtration, ozonation and chlorination.

Expected activities

  • Install one UV-VIS sensor and one fluorescence sensor that will operate for few months in each catchment.

Partners involved