The intoDBP project was featured in the 22 med’s website article addressing the extreme climate challenges affecting Barcelona and other European regions. The article explains how the region is facing its most severe drought in over a century, a crisis that stretches beyond its borders into other regions of Spain.

With water resources and the environment severely impacted by prolonged dry spells, the need for sustainable long-term solutions has never been more urgent. In this context, the intoDBP project is mentioned for its innovative approach to water management. The project aims to enhance water quality and minimize exposure to harmful disinfection by-products.

With Catalonia implementing its Special Drought Response Plan, intoDBP’s contributions are pivotal in advancing the region’s water security and resilience strategies. Learn more about how the intoDBP project is helping Catalonia and potentially other drought-stricken areas by visiting the full article on 22 med’s website.