The intoDBP project has unveiled a new video highlighting the urgent need for advanced solutions to ensure access to safe and clean drinking water. The video addresses the complexities of modern water safety, emphasizing the critical role of chlorine in public health over the past century. While chlorine has significantly reduced waterborne diseases like typhoid and cholera, its interaction with natural substances in water creates Disinfection By-Products (DBPs), which pose long-term health risks.

The project, funded by the EU, aims to mitigate these risks by pioneering and evaluating innovative approaches and technologies designed to safeguard water resources. intoDBP focuses on minimizing DBPs without compromising water safety, securing a healthier future for communities. With a consortium of 16 partners, including researchers, enterprises, communication experts, and public services, the project generates interdisciplinary solutions for drinking water surveillance.

For more details, watch the newly released video.