intoDBP project will be present at the upcoming edition of Water Projects Europe -Water & Health: Addressing Water Quality for Public Health, coming up on June 21 on 11:30 am – 13:00 am, in a hybrid format (in Brussels at BluePoint Centre and online). The event is organised by Water Europe in the context of the Water Innovation Europe 2023 conference ”EU Water Policy: What’s Next?” happening on June 21-22 in Brussels.

Water Project Europe (WPE) is a series of events by Water Europe that brings together innovative projects working on converging topics. This edition of WPE, sponsored by the PathoCERT project, aims to enhance the ability of first responders to detect waterborne pathogens during emergencies.

Joining us at WPE are ToDrinQ, and H2OforAll, members of the ZeroPollution4Water Cluster. These projects focus on developing technologies, improving water systems operations, assessing disinfection by-products, and creating innovative tools for water quality management.

The workshop will delve into the key findings and recommendations of these projects, exploring how they complement each other to ensure water quality and safeguard public health. We will also launch a new white paper from the Water & Health Working Group, providing valuable insights and guidelines on addressing water-related health challenges.

By bringing together experts and stakeholders, this workshop accelerates progress towards SDG6 and a healthier future. Join us to collectively address challenges, share experiences, and develop sustainable solutions for a Water-Smart Society.

The participation for the event is free of charge. If you are interested to join, you can check the full agenda and register at this link.