On October 19, 2023, intoDBP was presented during the Water Projects Europe 2023 Workshop on ZeroPollution4Water Cluster, organised by Water Europe, back to back to the Water Knowledge Europe 2023 event.
Water Knowledge Europe is the specialized brokerage event of Water Europe (WE) that allows you to network, exchange knowledge and experiences, and collaborate with key actors from across the water value chain. Combining expertise and brainpower, Water Knowledge Europe features a range of EU officials and experts who present the European Funding Calls, sharing their insights with you and providing guidance for the successful preparation of project consortia.
Maria José Farré, intoDBP project coordinator from ICRA Water gave an overview of the project at the session ”Contribution to the implementation of EU Legislation and Research & Innovation for a pollution-free future”. IntoDBP has recently joined the newest Zero Pollution4Water Cluster
to expand synergies and activities with other 6 fascinating projects: ToDrinQ, safeCREW, NINFA project, H2Oforall, Mar2protect and UpWater.