During the Water Innovation Europe conference, the ZeroPollution4Water Cluster will host the event “Bridging Policy and Practice through Case Studies for Water Resilience” on 17 June 2024 from 9:00 to 12:00 at BluePoint, Brussels.

Designed to bridge the gap between policy development and practical implementation in water management, this workshop will unite policymakers, project stakeholders, and water management experts for an engaging morning of presentations, discussions, and cross-interviews.

Focus on Water Resilience

The event will highlight water resilience, showcasing an Inventory of case studies from ZP4Water Cluster sister projects. Attendees will gain insights into effective strategies and innovative approaches in water management.

Workshop Highlights

  • Policy Brief Presentation: Loïc Charpentier will present the first Policy Brief of the ZP4Water Cluster, focusing on preventing groundwater contamination and securing drinking water quality. This session aims to connect policy frameworks with practical applications.
  • Case Studies Inventory: The ZP4Water Cluster Case Studies Inventory presentation will follow, featuring key findings and a Q&A session with experts.
  • Networking Opportunities: Attendees can network during a coffee break, fostering new partnerships and strengthening existing ones.
  • Cross-Interview Session: A moderated cross-interview will link policy insights with real-world case study experiences, facilitating a deeper understanding of implementing water resilience strategies.
  • Closing Remarks: The event will conclude with closing remarks and a discussion of next steps, inspiring collaborative action and empowering stakeholders with actionable visions for resilient and sustainable water systems.

To find out more about the agenda and register for the event, click here.