On the 17th of January 2024, Maria José Farre, intoDBP project coordinator from ICRA attended the 1st intoDBP Spanish Case Study Board meeting held in Girona, uniting Spanish project partners and experts.

The assembly addressed pivotal topics including disinfection by-products regulation, the future of drinking water, and strategies to boost public tap water usage.

Notable participants hailed from organizations like the Catalan Water Agency, CatSalut, Aigües de Barcelona, Catalan Water Partnership, University of Girona (LEQUIA), Dileka, Createch360, Observatori de l’Aigua de Terrassa, Consorci d’Aigües de Costa Brava i Girona (CACBGi), Cicle de l’Aigua del Ter (CATSA) and Meteocat.

The Case Study Board, doubling as an advisory panel, marks a significant step toward shaping the future of water management in Spain.